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Yamaha Wheel Leak Testing

Different wheel sizes can be tested through mix-flow production.

A leak tester for aluminum wheels for automobiles and motorcycles. Automatic wheel size detection makes a larger production scale possible.

Yamaha Wheel Leak Testing

Yamaha Wheel Leak Testing


Leak Tester for Aluminum Wheels for Automobiles and Motorcycles:

After a wheel has been injected with a gas containing helium up to a specified pressure, the Helium leak tester uses mass spectrometry to measure leakage into the chamber and then determines whether that leakage is under or above a leakage threshold.

Automatic wheel size detection:

The automatic wheel size detection feature gives you more freedom in selecting manufacturing schemes.

Automatic equipment condition checking:

The Helium leak tester maintains its accuracy by running a master check at specified intervals to ensure that all of its equipment is functioning properly.

Product Specifications:

Model Leak Tester for Aluminum Wheels
Detection method Vacuum chamber method
Cycle time 20 seconds or under with standard 2 chamber system
Testable wheel sizes Diameters of 13 to 20 inches and widths of up to 10 inches
Detectable leak rate 1.6 × 10-4 Pa?m3/s
Sealable helium pressure 0.3 MPa(G)
Internal chamber pressure -0.1 MPa(G)
Helium concentration 10% or less
Helium detector Yamaha YLD-220 / YLD500